Schlitz Gusto / Pabst decline?

  1. According to the Schlitz Brewing FB page, all Schlitz is now the “Gusto” or “Original ’60’s Formula”. For some reason, JOS. Schlitz Brewing Co. isn’t really promoting the post-2008 formula anymore.


    Soooo….with that in mind, I would think that the 2 active BA Schlitz listings should be merged or modified. Right now there’s two:

    Gusto –
    Normal –

    The reason I stumbled on this confusion was because I wanted to see what the highest rated American Adjunct Lager was out of the macros and discovered the Gusto was at an 82 while the normal one is rated a 68. Quite different, but now they are the same. The average BA user would not make the distinction.

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  2. The cans now look a bit different compared to the former ’60’s gusto’ label. Saw them at a Local store recently.
    Former 60’s can:
    New can I saw recently:
    I think I prefer the 60’s can a bit more than the most recent one.The bottles also seemed to have changed slightly as well, they no longer have the 60’s formula label on the neck. I had some bottles with a BB date of late February a few weeks back and they were actually pretty damn good all things considered. Decent citrus hop presence, I mean nothing spectacular but for an AAL it was quite noticeable. A very acceptable beer imo.

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  3. Exactly. They folded all package (12,16 larger cans and all bottle sizes) and draught production into the new, “Old-school, Sixties” recipe and dropped the language and advertising artwork scheme of the initial launch, and are dredging the vaults for even older material. The Facebook page is awash with this older material (which is all pretty cool, in my book) but the lack of a website to promote the change and the slap-dash explanations on the Facebook page have left very much to be desired. It’s another example of Pabst (under the Metropoulos leadership or not) coming up with some good ideas for promotion, marketing, and brand revitalization but ultimately falling short on the implementation.

    Edit: I’ve noticed new 12 and 24-pack can packages have finally rolled-out, locally. The Twin Cities market was among the first to be affected by the implementation of the “Gusto” campaign, and the display ads and billboards, tap handles (etc) were everywhere, so I’m a little bit surprised that it’s taking a year+ to get the new website and packaging rolled out, here.

  4. when you drive around chicago, there are a couple of “Schlitz Houses” that are pretty cool.

    not mine. see the little blue schlitz globe on the side of the building?:


    and yes, they do have schlitz on tap.

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  5. Found this in my junk mail folder today:


  6. I never did get a response to my e-mail to Pabst, re: if they still krausened Old Style. Should have checked my junk mail folder.

  7. I just had these 16 ounce bad boys after hockey the other night and was not impressed….maybe just my buds at the time but it was pretty average even for the style

  8. If it had the “Classic 60’s” label ring on the top like the photo, then they were probably several months old. I heard somewhere that LaCrosse Lager is now made in the old Old Style Heileman brewery and they do use krausening.

  9. “City Brewery did not own any of the former Heileman brands, which now belonged to Miller and Pabst, although ironically one of the beers they brewed under contract to Pabst was Special Export. For their own sales, they created new brands: La Crosse Lager and La Crosse Light used the former Old Style and Old Style Light recipes, while City Lager imitated Special Export. These were promoted as being “fully kraeusened” using the same methods and resulting in the same flavor as the original beers, and distributed in the heart of Heileman’s original Midwest market. The “world’s largest six-pack” at the brewery was recovered to resemble cans of La Crosse Lager.”

    Above is from:


  10. I cut my teeth on Schlitz as a kid, but a stroll down memory lane can happen in other ways besides getting an “adjunct headache.”

  11. I loved PBR, even decorated my man cave with retro PBR bar decorations. But once I learned they use GMO Corn syrup… I had to tearfully say goodbye.

  12. Today I bought a twelver of Schlitz cans at Bevmo! in Santa Barbara, CA. There was no indication on the packaging or the can itself that mentions anything about “classic 60’s” or “Gusto”. However, the white Bevmo! UPC sticker has the twelve pack labelled as “Schlitz Gusto”. Also, Bevmo!’s website allows you to search individual store inventory. I did a quick search and Bevmo!’s website says it has four cases of Gusto in stock.…ies/Pabst-Brewing-Company/Schlitz-Gusto/35384

    Not sure if Bevmo! is listing the correct product or not. The man behind the register wasn’t sure, either. I have a hunch that it’s Gusto. The white sticker UPC labelled it as Gusto, Bevmo!’s website labeled it as Gusto and it’s more expensive than the other Pabst products in the store. If I recall correctly, Gusto was a bit more expensive than PBR, Stroh’s, etc. Still, I could be completely off base here and I’m drinking regular old Schlitz. I kinda doubt it, though. It has a decent hoppiness, a slightly milder carbonation and a distinct lack of corn flakes. <—small album of what the packaging looks like.

  13. That’d be the new packaging, they dropped the 60’s gusto tag. Same beer. See my post above.

  14. Hah. I had about seven tabs open trying to see find the answer and overlooked two posts that answered my question for me. Thanks!

  15. D’oh! That’s what I get for not reading the forums. Thanks for the heads up!

  16. Funny – Mr Daly thought he was getting something different, thought he tasted the difference, but there was no difference. Marketing strikes again.

    Or, if I recall reading more than once here, City Brewing just isn’t making a better beer, even if it is a AAL.

  17. My favorite hole in the wall tavern has LaCrosse and PBR on tap, with $1 draughts. I’ve always stuck with PBR there until last time when it was flat. I ordered a LaCrosse and it was much better than the PBR that day. I also should disclose that I think my first beer was original Old Style in the 70’s. I like to take the “When in Rome” approach and save the Brunch Weasels and Pseudo Sue for when I’m at a proper establishment.

    Oh, thanks for the photos @McStagger , that is the new un-Gusto packaging and the only current Schlitz beer that is in production.

    I’d like to see anyone even find a pre-Gusto Schlitz on the shelf. You might be able to find one at a bar in the back of a cooler, but I would think all the old pre-2008 Schlitz is long gone.

  18. Theres another one on Grand and Damen, tho its not currently a tavern. I used to hang at Southport. Its a relic of the days when small bowling Halls were all over Chicago. Two come to mind where I used to hang back in the ’70s. The Peterson Bowl on Ridge ave right west of Clark street and Bud Shaibly Bowl on Devon ave. And interesting sight for you chicago folks.

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