Schmaltz Brewing and Terrapin Beer – Reunion Ale ’13

Schmaltz Brewing of Clifton Park, NY collaborates with Terrapin Beer Company of Athens, GA to bring us the Reunion Ale ’13, with sales benefiting the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research.
A wonderfully deep brown beer with a brown, thick head.
The nose is full of chocolate and cinnamon bringing to mind Mexican hot chocolate, the kind sipped long after the sun has set and the heat of the day is gone, rich and spiced and comforting. The aromas evolve into complex dark malt under chocolate and alcohol, hinting at light bitterness.
The flavours lead with a rich blend of chocolate and bourbonesque alcoholic heat with a little spice. A very subtle bitterness adds beautiful balance to the sweetness of the malts. Toasty coffee brings bitterness and toasty notes. There is so much going on here and it all layers and balances perfectly. A light alcohol burn on the finish gives it a refreshing end.
I am going out to buy a case of this right now.

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