Shmaltz Brewing Company’s Coney Island Albino Python – Thumbs Up

1506658_10152227712459892_348705241_nTonight’s beer review is brought to you by my reptile obsession: Shmaltz Brewing Company’s Coney Island Albino Python.

It’s a tasty beer.  It pours a nice darker gold color (filtered), with good head (though dissipates quickly).  I can’t distinguish any special flavors, but they claim it’s brewed with “spices”.  It is a flavorful beer, but not anything I can pinpoint off the top of my head. It smells very much like beer, but again, no distinguishing scent.  The flavor is consistent throughout the glass.

No alcohol by volume is listed on the bottle, but I would say it falls along the “average” spectrum.  It comes in a 1pt, 6oz bottle.  I cannot find the website for this specific beer, though the brewery’s site is up and running.  I believe I once tried one of their other beers “Hops in He-Brew” but I don’t remember what it tasted like, only that I liked it.  Their site claims that the brewery was “born in 1996, reborn in 2013″ – I did not read further into what all that means, but I am assuming it denotes a hiatus or change in ownership.  Shmaltz Brewing Company is located in Saratoga Springs, NY; with a second brewery in Clifton Park, NY.

Sorry this is such a half-assed review.  I really do like this beer, but my brain is not functioning up to par at the moment (long weekend of troubleshooting and then fixing brake problems…).  Anyway, it’s good and not only because of the cool albino reticulated python on the label.  Go out buy it, drink it, and enjoy it.  Buy their other beers too while you’re at it.  (I’ll do that the next time we hit up the packie and share my thoughts on them all here)… Merry drinking to all, and to all a good night!

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