Sierra Nevada Extra Ipa, Santa Monica Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Extra IPA, Santa Monica Pale Ale

After a bunch of beach combing & people watching in Venice with a sexy wife (mine) & some close friends we found ourselves in some British Pub in Santa Monica. Mostly because it was the 1st open door we found that had beer inside. I had a Santa Monica Promenade Pale Ale which didn’t sound British to me but I try not to judge. Just kidding. Judging is what I do. The beer had a real water feel in my mouth and very few flavors. Everything about it felt vapid. Just wasn’t substantial or refreshing but certainly not bad. I think the nicest way to say it is that it was bland. A quick google search brought me to a recipe for the beer on a home-brewing store’s website which makes me wonder who actually made the beer and why they would be selling an off the shelf recipe. 2.5 Chubs.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA is a classic in the tall can. I can spot that green glinting from a mile away. Which is also why I had to put it in a plastic solo cup while imbibing on the beach. What is the deal with that California? No alcohol on the beach? I kind of get the no smoking ever thing but no alcohol on the beach? That doesn’t compute.  The Torpedo has a husky hops taste and you know it’s an IPA right off the bat. Sierra does what they do well. It’s a workhorse IPA. Easy to drink. I wouldn’t say it was sessionable at 7.2% ABV but it drinks like one. There is more of a traditional piney taste that overwhelms some of the underlying fruit flavors but not in a bad way. 4 Chubs. And according to Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico it pairs well with aged cheese.

Somehow I didn’t have a picture of these two beers so I’ll just leave you with some beer advice., ryan woldt, beer, ale, ipa, drinking, brewery, rate beer, beer challenge, craft beer,,

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