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Hi, I’m new to the forum, in fact to any forum, so I hope that this is a good way of getting some expert advice.
I am planning to do my first all grain brew, but I am planning to do a brew of 2 gallons rather than 4. I have a suitably large saucepan, and a couple of glass demijohns I hope to use.
My intention is to do the mash in the saucepan, adding heat and stirring as required.
My first question is at the end on the mash, I can’t simply turn on a tap to drain the wort, so I intend to slowly tip the wort through a grain bag in to another container, then to sprinkle sparging water through the grain bag to make up the volume to 10 (or 11) litres. Is this OK ? I read that using a mash tun you should re-circulate the first few pints or so, and this is a bit trickier if not impossible using the equipment I am suggesting.

Once I have the wort back in the saucepan, I will boil on the hob for the required time, then add finings, cool (I think I’ll knock up a coil of copper tube and run cold water through the tube to cool the wort).

I gather that the cooling will settle out some solids in the wort, so I intend to siphon the wort in to the demijohns, add yeast and air lock, wait for 10 days or so then bottle.

Is my method sensible, or am I missing something ?

Expert advice welcome !

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