Small Mass breweries…any love?

I really enjoy the Cape Ann brewpub. Agree that their best beers are brewpub-only. I almost never buy their bottles.Enlightenment is a shining star to me. Loved the 3 beers I’ve had from them, but purchasing them is more of a treat.Backlash and Idle Hands – I’m not interested much in domestically made belgian styles. Haven’t been impressed by either, though I haven’t had the hoppy offerings from Backlash that seem to be more common from them now (I see people like those)Element – I like their beer quite a bit. Nice people. But format and price prohibit purchasing them a lot.Cody – waste of my timePortico – tried 2 beers, disliked both. As hinted above, their Kolsh is not what a kolsch should be in my book. Found it way too sweet and confusing.Bog Iron – pretty solid. They make one of the best English-style session beers I’ve ever had, called “Campout Milld”. Just 3.5% and full of tasty malts (toffee, caramel, nuts). They just opened a new taproom (very needed as it was very small in there before) and I plan on going back to see it soon.Anyone been to Buzzards Bay since they changed their name back from the “Just Beer” moniker? I see their current IPA recipe gets good ratings. Love the setting there and hope to revisit soon.

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