So apparently the new Buell is a real mother effr


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Oh My aching hiny Z3n…The underslung exhaust on the Buell is critical…
As the entire exhaust system is attached to the engine, and moves with it as a unit.

Ahh, so you’re going to trade in your ZX10 for a XB12 because the underslung exhaust concept is good enough to justify everything else?

This is the thing – innovation on bikes, outside of modern electronics, the margins for improvement are slim enough that it doesn’t really matter. Aftermarket suspension makes far more of a difference then underslung exhaust or not.

And last I checked, no one’s putting flex-joints on any exhaust. All of them are attached to the engine and move with it as a unit.



what have YOU done?

Eric Buell has done the best he can given his restraints. right now- he has none. hes pumping out some bikes that are fucking awesome.

Don’t ask me what I’ve done, ask the people I’ve built bikes for if they’re happy with them.

The thing is, it’s about knowing what you can and can’t do. I don’t have the resources to build frames and engines from scratch in my garage right now, so I focus on the things I can improve on, one way or another. Less weight, applying time and customization in places where the factories don’t bother because of the constraints of mass production, ergos, suspension, weight, etc. I understand where my weaknesses are – frame design, engine production, so I don’t focus on those things. I focus on the things that I can make a difference on because I’m not working in the same constraints as a major motorcycle maker. Buell reinvents the wheel constantly, and does it worse because it’s iteration 1 of a potentially better wheel, rather than gen 100 of a good design. The same is true of the entire “funny front end” movement. They’re measurably better, but riders have more experience with telescoping forks, the development process on those telescoping forks is decades ahead, and even technical superiority can’t make up for 50 years of development work.


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Yeah, I get that, I sold my Buell due to the “niggles” even though I loved that bike. But Erik thought outside the “box” and at least attempted to compete with the big factories, and for me, the whole “David vs Goliath” thing he’s done gets my respect.

I’d swing a leg over another one of his bikes in a heart beat.

I had respect for it when he was doing it 10 years ago. Now, it’s just another sad story. He could make a concrete difference by going and getting employed by a solid motorcycle maker who could give him that base platform at 100% and innovating on top of that. But he won’t do that, and so he’ll forever produce bikes that are becoming less innovative by the year and more and more marginal until he falls into obscurity or has some kind of stroke of genius…and that’s becoming a progressively longer shot as each year goes by and the market steals his good ideas and discards the bad ones, unlike him.

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