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I haven’t written in this in a while because I haven’t been brewing in a while. Life picks up, you have things to do or you just get lazy. But if I want this to be more than a half assed musing on my occasional brewing I really should be writing more posts. So here it goes. Like most home brewers I started brewing because I like beer. I know this comes a shocker, but it’s true. To make beer you first have to drink beer and I do a pretty good job at that. But when you brew you begin to taste differently. You start to have really obnoxious conversations about grain bills and hop profiles. It’s really terrible and I apologize to anyone that’s had to drink with me when this comes up. That being said, it makes drinking more fun. It turns it into an active process. 

Recently a new brewery, Other Half Brewing, opened in my neighborhood. 

Other Half Brewing

I’ve had two of their brews, the Pale Ale and the Green Diamonds Imperial IPA, and I’m impressed. But what made it more fun was trying to figure out what was in them. I knew the Green Diamond was super Hoppy and rivaled the best West Coast IPA, but I couldn’t figure out what hops were used. Not Centennial, not Simcoe. Those were too easy. Citra? Too Trendy. It was something else. I went to their website and saw what was used. Galaxy Hops. And I had my answer. I really haven’t used these and haven’t had many beers that used them. It reminds me of some other intensely citrusy hops, but didn’t have the bitterness that comes with them. And looking on homebrew sites it looks like it’s extremely popular.

And I thought maybe I’ll make a beer with Galaxy Hops. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just drink it and that will be that. But I like to think I got a little more out of drinking the beer because I brew. And if you’re in Brooklyn, try a pint of Other Half. 

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