Soulcrafting Partners With Firefly Market To Benefit Rocky Mountain Microfinance…

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In the aftermath of the September 2013 floods in Boulder, Bryan Muir, founder of Soulcrafting, suddenly had to deal with repairing the flood-damaged house he had recently purchased. He didn’t have experience with home building and remodeling and found navigating the Wild West of online guides and tutorials time-consuming, frustrating and inadequate.
Thus, the birth of Soulcrafting, a local organization that brings people with little to no experience in crafting to learn from experienced crafters.  From furniture makers to chefs, leather workers to sculptors, Soulcrafting provides access to the world’s most interesting builders, makers, and artisans, who invite customers into their studios to work and learn alongside them.

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In the spirit of helping the community, Muir and the Soulcrafting crew has partnered with Firefly Handmade Market to raise funds for Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) on July 26th – July 27th at the 29th Street Mall in Boulder.
The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) is a non-profit organization that provides learning, lending, and coaching to grow Community Entrepreneurs who build businesses to advance along the pathway to self-sufficiency and self-worth.
Firefly Handmade has operated numerous seasonal markets with over 100 vendors and 6,000 customers over each 2-day event. Firefly Handmade Markets draw a loyal following of vendors and customers who are passionate about the handmade movement and who have made it the largest and premier “handmade only” market in the Boulder/Denver region and the Mountain West.

Photo Credit: Soulcrafting

At the market, Soulcrafting creators will be doing live demos throughout the weekend: building furniture, crafting with leather, working with plaster, and much more. They will also be sponsoring a Soulcrafting Beer Garden hosted by the Upslope Brewing Company. All proceeds from the beer garden will benefit RMMFI and its community of entrepreneurs.
“The Soulcrafting community is built on relationships,” says Muir. “Our customers work with craftspeople to develop the products and skills they want and need. You learn about a new craft by making stuff. You learn about your community by meeting people. And you learn about yourself by trying new things and getting your hands dirty.”

Matt and Tai Burton, owners of Rolling Wrench and part of the Soulcrafting community (photo credit: Soulcrafting)

Want to learn how to replace your floorboards in your house? Want to build a dog house? Curious on how to get started on your first home brew? And most importantly, feeling charitable and want to support local businesses like Soulcrafting?  Make your way to the Firefly Handmade Market and enjoy a fresh beer!

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