Sprecher’s Pub opens in Glendale

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Sprecher’s Pub opens in Glendale

By Lindsey Morone


GLENDALE – Now if you drive just five minutes north of Sprecher’s Brewery you can stop at Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub. Before, you would have to drive miles to get a Sprecher’s Pub. It’s only locations were in Lake Geneva, Madison and Wisconsin Dells.

They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. But when your business is beer and food, fun is unavoidable. However, it comes at the price of a lot of work. Sprecher’s Pub has been renovating their new location at the Bayshore Mall in Glendale since July.

“We’ve been putting tables together, and putting chairs together, and finishing up the painting and decorating,” explains Susan Getgen, the operations director for Sprcher’s Pub.

Talk of bringing a Sprecher’s Pub to Glendale has been brewing for a while.

“Pairing beer and food together is something that people are starting to learn so much more about,” says Getgen.

The pub is licensed by Sprecher Brewery. And it offers all of Sprecher’s brews. It has more than 100 new employees currently learning Sprecher’s Pub’s menu and how to cook all of its original recipes in preparation to the restaurant’s open on Tuesday, October 16, 2014.

The pub’s renovations include a massive sky light along with an outside bar and patio.

“We want people to come out here and be able to people watch, watch people walking through the mall, and enjoy some great food and some great beer,” says Getgen.

And though the warm temps are quickly falling and the patio may have to wait until Spring, the wait for Sprecher’s Pub in Glendale is now over.

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