Spring has Sprung with Capitol City Brewing SpringFest

Post by Punch Pulse Correspondent Niki McMillan
Spring has been a slow time coming here to the District, so when Capitol City Brewing Company held their first annual SpringFest this past weekend, it was very much welcomed both by me and the nearly 4,000 other festers that gathered for the event in Shirlington Village.

The fest featured some 45+ breweries, each giving out 4 ounce samples, along with local food vendors and pumping jams by DJ Julius.

I was lucky enough to attend their Oktoberfest back in the fall, and although SpringFest was an inaugural event for Capital City Brewing, you would have never known by how well it was run. The vendor selection was the crème de crème, with a great balance of well-established breweries and up-and-coming new crafters.

Having a hubby that dabbles in home brewing, I’m always amazed at how knowledgeable beer folk are about the science and art that goes behind a great pint, and it seems I learn something new at every event I attend. SpringFest was no exception.
If you happened to miss the SpringFest, Capitol City Brewing Company and many of the other local restaurants (Mad Fox, Raven Beer, and Devil’s Backbone to name just a few) are still serving up seasonal brews on tap.  Go to http://www.capcitybrew.com/arlington.php to check out their springy offerings.

Brand Marketing Manager Olivier LeRu-Riboulot, Director of Brewing Operations
Kristi Griner, Founder/Owner David von Storch, brewer Matt Ryan
and General Manager Nasrin Saadvandi

About Niki Clark:
Punch Pulse Correspondent Niki Clark is a part time photographer; full time Red Crosser and 24/7 big sister to fellow puncher Lindsey. She loves travel, puppy kisses (especially from her own, ichabob) and invites to bourbon-orientated events.

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