Star city hopefuls looking to attract Stone Brewing Company to t

West coast growing beer sensation Stone Brewing Company is looking for a new home on the east coast, and Roanoke is sending a message.

“Dear stone brewing, some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. Love, Roanoke.”

A quote posted on the Facebook page dedicated to bringing stone brewing to the star city, an idea started by two Roanoke beer lovers, Jenny Dorsey and Joy Taylor.

“I really think that this is the perfect fit for them,” Taylor said.

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Gaining more than 1,500 Facebook fans almost overnight they say proves they’re not alone.

“It’s remarkable just how quickly Roanoke has responded,” Taylor said.

Roanoke City leaders however, aren’t responding on whether or not they are working on this project.

WSLS spoke with Beth Dowdy, Executive Director of the Roanoke Regional Partnership.

“We don’t talk about any partnership that we might or might not be working on and the reason is we do that is because confidentiality is very important in economic development,” Dowdy said.

Located in Escondido California, the company says they’ve received many bid proposals from cities across the East Coast.

Facebook pages like Roanoke’s have also surfaced from Myrtle Beach, Charlotte and Greensboro.

WSLS spoke with Sabrina LoPiccolo, a spokesperson for the company.

“We aren’t releasing a specific number but we have definitely received a lot of interest and are really happy with the submissions we’ve received,” LoPiccolo said.

While they’re not confirming or denying a bid from Roanoke Stone Beer lovers in the star city aren’t keeping any secrets.

Many restaurants have even planned launch parties for their new release date. It’s all hype that these two Facebook users will help bring the company to the star city.

“Just rallying the troops in Roanoke, the people who enjoy craft beer that enjoy stone craft brewing company and just letting them know hey, you need to come to Roanoke because it’s a great place to live,” Dorsey said.

“The more likes and the more interaction on our Facebook page the better,” Taylor said.

“LIKE” Roanoke’s facebook page here.

Stone Brewing says it could take some time before they release the new location but plan to start construction sometime this year.

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