Stone brewing and AleSmith Brewing Co.collaboration beer

We’ve already sold out of one Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations beer and the next three aren’t far behind, so we’re announcing the next heavy hitter coming out of the dugout. Ladies and gentlemen, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce that the next world-class collaboration will be brewed with none other than AleSmith Brewing Co. from right here in San Diego.For those not in the know, AleSmith is a world-renowned brewery whose beers have won enough medals to weigh down a rhinoceros. But AleSmith’s brewers operate on a modest scale, so if you live outside the American Southwest you may not have tasted their ambrosial wares. Now is your chance to find out what all the fuss is about by ordering your very own 1.5-liter bottle of the upcoming AleSmith/Stone collaboration. We haven’t hammered out the style yet, but you can be certain that it will be nothing less than spectacular with AleSmith’s talented brew crew on board.

Ordered it this morning. I have already ordered Super Bashah (BrewDog – actually getting two because of the price restructure), the aforementioned, unnamed beer (AleSmith) and the magical w00tstout 3.0…yikes I’m going to be broke if they don’t stop collaborating

How much does this cost???

How much does this cost???
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$30 plus you get a $10 gift card to AleSmith and %50ish percent off Stone beer and merch for a day

Just bought mine. I hope it’s Super Duper Speedway Stout or something like that.

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