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    Cool box from @FatsBelvadere

    Lakewood BA Temptress
    Reg Temptress
    Winter Warmer
    Tulip from Deep Elium

    I’m actually excited I can share these with my wife. She is not a big fan of most beers but she likes milk stouts! Thanks!

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  2. Got my 3rd box! This one is from Providence! Thanks!!


    I got 4 cans of Long Trail Double Bag from Vermont a very tasty brew & great Vermont Pint glass from Long Trail!

  3. Box 4 came in from heatwaves on saturday:

    Modern Times Fortunate Islands
    Modern Times Lomaland
    Pliny the Elder
    The Bruery Sour in the Rye
    The Bruery Bottleworks XII
    The Bruery bottle stopper and tulip

    Great box. The fortunate islands has already been consumed…Very good beer…especially nice being in a can…can take it to the beach.

  4. Box 4 came from ripps1!


    Exit 16 – Wild Rice Double IPA by Flying Fish —– Drank this already & really enjoyed it!
    Zoe by Maine Beer Company
    County Line IPA by Neshaminy Creek Brewing

    Carton Brewing Glass I absolutely Love!!

    I haven’t heard of any of them & can’t get them so to me this is awesome!

    Thanks again Ripps1

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  5. Some great packages arrived today

    DC Brau goodies!
    Declaw Retribution
    Lot No. 6
    A very cool DC Brau glass
    Thanks @Crabbicuss ! I’m drinking public now!

    And a great box that spoke to my heart liver with Citra and bb goodies
    Citra Saison (home brew?)
    Revolution Bean Gene
    Pipeworks Citra!!!
    Central waters BB Stout
    Half Acre Pony
    Surly Coffee Bender!!
    Thanks @Summer78 !

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  6. The citra saison is indeed a homebrew. Cheers!

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