Swapped roles

Swapped roles

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Odd news from around the world

Forget breadmakers – now you can buy a BEERMAKER: “Plenty of people have installed breadmakers in their kitchens to make fresh loaves, but now a company in Seattle plans on launching a compact home-brewing system so beer fans never run out of pints. Just like a breadmaker, the microwave-sized machine allows users to add a handful of fresh ingredients into it and push a button to make a keg of beer. The PicoBrew Zymatic system costs £992 and claims to brew ‘high quality all-grain beer’ in a week from three ingredients – water, grain and hops. Once the ingredients are poured into the machine, it takes three-and-a-half hours to start the beer-making process – and then the reults can be left in a keg to ferment for a week. Bill and Jim Mitchell started their company PicoBrew in 2010 out of frustration with home-brewing kits because they ‘take up too much time, are too imprecise and frankly, when you account for all of the clean-up, are not all that fun’.”

Are fish having sex keeping part of a city awake?: “Amorous fish could be responsible for a mysterious humming noise keeping people awake at night. Residents in a part of Southampton, Hamsphire, have been struggling to get to sleep because of the puzzling noise, which starts at 10pm and drones on all night. Some people have even moved away from the affected area around Hythe and are sleeping on friends’ sofas to escape the nightmare. Now scientists are studying whether the noise could be being caused by fish having sex in an estuary nearby. Midshipman male fish let out a distinctive drone to let females know they are searching for a mate. The noise can go on for hours and often increases in volume as competing males attempt to out-hum each other. Incredibly, scientists say the sound can be amplified by bouncing off buildings and ships. The noise is famous in Seattle in Washington, USA, as midshipman fish are believed to live in the nearby Duwamish waterway.”

Hawaii surfer, 25, fights off 12-foot tiger shark by punching it in the eye: “A 25-year-old Hawaii surfer has survived a dramatic attack by a 12-foot tiger shark by jumping on top of it and punching it in the eye. Jeff Horton, a former boxer, said he was surfing off Pila’a Beach near Kilaueai in Kauai on Sunday with friends when he spotted a dark shape moving toward him and his board through the water. He explained that he was looking for a wave and seated with his feet dangling from the board. ‘I look down and see what I thought was a sting ray,’ Horton told Fox News. ‘It came up on me and I jerked my foot and kicked it a couple of times. It went for the bite and missed my leg.’ Horton pulled his left leg from the water and got on the surfboard, but was knocked off when the shark clamped its teeth down on the board. ‘I rolled to the top of the shark and punched it in the mouth and got one shot in the eye,’ Horton said. But when he punched it once in the eye, it recoiled, giving him a chance to jump on his board and frantically paddle back to the shore with another surfer.”

Family adopts donkey foal: “A miniature donkey is being hand-reared by a farmer – and now follows her ‘mum’ everywhere she goes. Baby Hope, who is no bigger than a dog, was rejected by her real mother Tuppance when she was born on a farm in Carlisle a month ago. Farmer Jane Nelson whisked Hope away from her new mother after Tuppance started biting her and kicking her over. But the frightened foal survived after Ms Nelson hand-fed her goat milk in a baby’s bottle every two hours. The young donkey now thinks Jane is her mother. For a while it was touch-and-go for the rare Mediterranean donkey, but now Hope enjoys nothing more than charging at Jane’s bottom. At 25 inches tall, the miniature donkey is the same size as a Labrador and has become best friends with a Shetland pony called Dixey. There are only around 400 Mediterranean donkeys in the UK, and a female costs about £2,500. When fully grown the donkeys are no bigger than a Shetland pony.

CA: Nike Marathon complaints sent to sex line: “San Francisco residents who live near Union Square got two surprises early Sunday. First, the Nike Marathon, which had a start time of 6:30 a.m. to minimize traffic congestion, started broadcasting amplified announcements and music at 5:30 a.m. Neighbors, some in their bathrobes and slippers, came out either to express their dismay at the early-hour noise, or called the city’s 311 line to complain. Many were told to call the Nike line, at (800) RUN-NIKE. When they did, however, a woman answered and suggested the caller might want to ‘unzip that fly, baby!’ That number is a phone sex line. The actual Nike complaint line is (866) RUN-NIKE.”

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