Sweetwater 420 Festival Moves To Centennial Olympic Park For 2014

From SweetWater:

SweetWater 420 Festival will be commemorating 10 years of festivities in April 2014. The event was conceived in 2004 at the brewery as a small celebration, eventually blossoming into a full-blown festival featuring a dynamic mix of live music, comedy, art, food, green workshops, a nonprofit village, children’s activities and, of course – SweetWater’s lip-smackin’ lineup of brews. Atlanta’s historic Candler Park most recently served as a great home for the event, but SweetWater is packing up and heading to the heart of the city’s scenic Centennial Olympic Park and looking to plant deep roots for many years to come.

“We have nothing but love and gratitude for the folks at Candler Park for being such incredible hosts to our festival over the years, however we’re very excited to now call Centennial Olympic Park home,” said Freddy Bensch, founder and Big Kahuna at SweetWater Brewing Company. “Approaching our 10-year anniversary, we wanted to look long-term for opportunities that will help grow the festival, bring on bigger entertainment and provide better access for local patrons and those traveling in for the fest. This change allows all of that, plus a bigger footprint right in the heart of downtown Atlanta.”

The free festival drew in nearly 60,000 guests in 2013 from Atlanta and across the Southeast. Festival entertainment and schedule details will be announced in early 2014 and fans are urged to check www.sweetwater420fest.com for details.

Brew Your Cask Off is back and brewing November 9. We’ve got about 90 of our pals lined up to come strut their stuff and see what kind of sudsy shenanigans they can get up to, which is either a recipe for disaster or a lip-smackin’ good time. Probably both.

Get a load of all the local restaurants, chefs, retailers, home brewers, charities, beer experts, local media friends, and a few oddballs who will be brewing up some crazy concoctions this year here. 

Tickets are already up for grabs, so make sure you snag ’em early and secure your spot: http://brewyourcaskoff.com/tickets.php

Each beer is judged by a panel of hand-picked beer experts and presented for public tasting as well as a People’s Choice vote. Winning brewers from this year’s lineup will have their casks at the 2014 SweetWater 420 Festival. Brew Your Cask Off will also feature live music, food trucks, free brewery tours and more. Both Brew Your Cask Off and SweetWater 420 Festival are Happy Ending Productions events.

For more information on SweetWater Brewing Company, visit www.sweetwaterbrew.com. For more details on SweetWater 420 Festival visit www.sweetwater420fest.com, and for Brew Your Cask Off visit www.brewyourcaskoff.com.

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