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How to brew a Woodfordes Wherry Bitter by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

In this video we show you how easy it is to make a Woodforde's Wherry Beer, describing all the equipment you will need, the method used to make the Woodfordes Wherry Bitter and how to barrel and bottle it.

At the end you will have a fantastic beer to drink.

You can use this method on all 2 can beer kits that do not need extra sugar.

You can buy the woodforde's range of beer kits on our website here – http://www.brewbitz.com/Brands/Woodfordes__c-p-0-0-1-28.aspx

How to use a hydrometer for home brewing beer & spirits

A simple step by step tutorial on how to use a hydrometer to test your beer or spirit fermentation. Take all the guess work out of brewing and understand exactly how the hydrometer works. You will never bottle early again or have to ring a brew shop to ask questions like " my airlock has stopped bubbling and it has only been 3 days, can I bottle my beer?" Matt from Australian Home Brewing has got every aspect of the hydrometer covered. cheers Brewers

【BEER】ヤッホーブルーイング よなよなエール YonaYona Ale YOHO BREWING soezimax


8年連続金賞はダテじゃない!【ヤッホーブルーイング】よなよなエール Yoho Brewing YONA YONA ALE BEER


*Pressing Setting button to see English subtitles!


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Redd’s Apple Ale Beer Review

Redd's Apple Ale
Brewed and bottled by Miller Brewing Co.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
ABV: 5.5%

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Brewing Beer with Malt Extract + Steeping Grains BLACK IPA

In this video I show you step by step how to brew Simcoe Summer Solstice Black IPA using malt extract. Here is the list of ingredients you will need:

7 Gallons of spring water
9 Pounds Golden Light Growler Extract
2-3 Ounces of Simcoe Hops + Hop bags

Crushed Grains:
1/2 Pound Wayermann Carafa III
1/4 Pound Briess Caramel 20L
+Grain Bag

2 Packets Dry Ale Yeast

In the video I used 2 ounces total of Simcoe hops but feel free to use more if you like! Thanks for watching and please leave comments, questions and suggestions below!

Bill Mitchell of Picobrew explains the Zymatic brewing process

Here Bill Mitchell, CEO of Picobrew, explains the Zymatic brewing process. This is a video that was taken for this article: https://medium.com/on-startups/888fe67a57b7

Brewing Beer with Billy D All gain porter beer

This is the first beer i have brewed in almost 3 years!!

A Day in the Life of Sustainable Beer: New Belgium Brewery

It's pretty hard to look around these days and not see something created with or transported by energy. Companies around the world are looking to reduce their negative impact on communities, increase their environmental stewardship efforts, as well as making a profit. New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO is doing just that and were eager to share that process with us.