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How to brew a Woodfordes Wherry Bitter by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

In this video we show you how easy it is to make a Woodforde's Wherry Beer, describing all the equipment you will need, the method used to make the Woodfordes Wherry Bitter and how to barrel and bottle it.

At the end you will have a fantastic beer to drink.

You can use this method on all 2 can beer kits that do not need extra sugar.

You can buy the woodforde's range of beer kits on our website here – http://www.brewbitz.com/Brands/Woodfordes__c-p-0-0-1-28.aspx

Simple Home Brew – English Bitter

I realise this video will reach a wider audience then my usual viewers so this is my simple method for 'brewing' a simple kit-n-kilo, pre-hopped liquid malt extract beer. I'm not a hardcore brewer, my hobby is wargaming, not brewing beer. Perhaps together we can further explore the brewing of this fine amber liquid together.

Easy Homebrew Brewing With The Mr Beer Machine 2000 – Brewing 2, Pouring Mix In & Starting The Brew

Coopers English Bitter – Home Brew

Another brewing video of me this time completing the Coopers International Beer Kits and doing a Coopers English Bitter along with 500g medium spray malt & 500g Dextrose.

Home brewing .. Easy scrumpy cider

How to make full strength scrumpy cider

Quick Start guide for BeerTools Pro 1.5 Brewing Software

This is a Quick Start guide for BeerTools Pro 1.5 Brewing Software.

HOMEBREW (Home Brewing) = Advanced Technique For Beginners (Level 2)

A look at the making of good beer in one's own home.
This is a level 2 instruction, adding extra malt to kit beer… a step by step guide.
Including: boil, wert chilling, yeast rehydration and the fermentation process, transferring to carboy… up to the bottle/keg stage of the process.
An easy to follow guide and live instruction for homebrew and brewing.

Brewing an ESB with Joe

Hey Youtube–we're at a beer "event horizon" if you will–I'm out of home brew and can't take it anymore! Time to brew up an odds-and-ends ESB, with a nice Maris Otter malt base, various caramel malts, and Willamette and East Kent Goldings hops. I used White Labs WLP002 for this recipe–and can't wait to give it a try. This is a pretty quick all grain video–so if you're looking for details on how to brew all-grain, check out my all grain Irish Stout video–that goes into much more detail than this one.



How to make great tasting beer at home.

Coopers DIY Beer is the easiest and most rewarding DIY project you'll ever do. Easy to make and even easier to drink. Just follow the simple instructions on this video and you'll be making great tasting beer in no time. For more information go to http://www.diybeer.com.

Buy the Coopers DIY Beer Kit at the online Coopers Store (Australia Only). https://store.coopers.com.au/shop/product/DBK676/

Use our store locator below to find your nearest stockist within Australia http://www.coopers.com.au/the-brewers-guild/brewing-products/store-locator