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How to brew a Woodfordes Wherry Bitter by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

In this video we show you how easy it is to make a Woodforde's Wherry Beer, describing all the equipment you will need, the method used to make the Woodfordes Wherry Bitter and how to barrel and bottle it.

At the end you will have a fantastic beer to drink.

You can use this method on all 2 can beer kits that do not need extra sugar.

You can buy the woodforde's range of beer kits on our website here – http://www.brewbitz.com/Brands/Woodfordes__c-p-0-0-1-28.aspx

Stir Plate for $22 ~ cheap easy best DIY Stirplate Yeast Starter Beer Homebrewing

How to make a Stir Plate for $22 ~ cheap & easy DIY Homebrewing Stirplate Yeast Starter Home Brewing.


Project Box
12v Power Supply
80mm PC Fan
Rare Earth Magnets
Stir Bar
2,000 ohm potentiometer
LM317 voltage regulator
330 ohm resistor
0.1 mfd capacitor

Whitewater Brewing Company – Craft Beer and Brewpub

Whitewater Brewing Company creates a variety of craft beer's in the heart of Ontario's Whitewater Region, Foresters Falls, Ontario.

Enjoy beer 'brewed by friends, for friends' from locally sourced ingredients where possible at: the Whitewater Brewing Company Brewpub, on tap on 35+ local bars, or at home with beer available in 64 oz. growlers or tetra pak's, 32 oz. 4 packs, or 3 sizes of keg!

Learn more at: http://www.whitewaterbeer.com

Whitewater Brewing Company | 22 Fletcher Rd. Foresters Falls, ON | 613.582.7227

Produced by Heliconia http://www.helipress.com

Brewing beer with the Small BIAC—Short Version (How to brew an American Blonde Ale)

This video provides an introduction to brewing in the BREWHA Small BIAC. It provides an overview of the BIAC system and provides a condensed step by step guide to brewing. The BIAC is a simplified stainless steel brewing method that provides full control while making brew days more enjoyable and giving easy to achieve, perfect sanitation every time.

In this video, we were brewing an American Blonde Ale.
Ingredients used:
9lb Organic US 2 row
8oz Crystal 15
1.25 oz Willamette (90 minute boil)
Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast

Pre boil volume 22L
Post boil volume 20L/5 gallon
Post boil gravity 1.048
Fermentation temperature 21C/70F

How to Brew: IPA (Piney)

Real Simple Brewer

Host – Shane English – @shanefilm

Song – Slow Burn – Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

Technical Editor – Marshall

Sample Beer From Beachwood Brewing

5 Gallon Batch

8 lbs Pale Malt Extract
.75Corn Sugar
.75 Crystal 70L
.25 lb Honey
.10 Biscuit

90mins – 2oz Columbus Hops
45mins – 1oz Columbus
30mins – 1oz Simcoe

Flame out
1oz Centennial
2.5oz Simcoe

12 Day Dry Hop
1oz Centennial
1oz Columbus
1oz Simcoe

2 vials of WLP001 California Ale – White Labs

Keezer (kegerator) Build for Home Brew – How to Tutorial

In this how-to video I explain, in detail, the necessary steps in converting a chest freezer into a keezer (or kegerator). This is perfect fore serving your all grain home brew.

Aside from the freezer you will need building materials for the "collar" (2×4, chalk, screws). You will also need a temperature regulator and of course a keg full of beer and a co2 tank (with beer and gas lines).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

High Gravity Brew in a Bag Electric System – Assembly

James Spenser from Basic Brewing Radio demonstrates how to assemble our Electric Brew-in-a-Bag System.

Brewing Up A SAHTI

Markku Pulliainen from Malmgård Brewery (Huvila) in Finland was awarded a grant by the Finnish government to brew a traditional sahti in the United Stated.

It was brewed on June 4th, 2012 at Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia with the help of Dock Street's brewer Scott Morrison and assistant brewer Justin Quinlan. A good time was had by all.

This sahti will be available at THE FESTIVAL in Worcester, MA on June 23 & 24, 2012.

Brewing a gin & tonic beer at Lervig | The Craft Beer Channel

Jonny witnesses a great meeting of minds as he helps Wild Beer Co, Lover Beer and Lervig brew a beer inspired by gin and tonic.

By help we mean he gets in the way. But the others give a masterclass not just in brewing, but how important it is to experiment and show the world what is possible in brewing.

Check out our partners at http://www.beermerchants.com

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Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thecraftbeerchannel
Instagram – @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans

Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy…

Repitch Your Yeast – Craft Brewing™

Just another quickie from Ty at Craft Brewing showing you how we save yeast from a previous fermentation in order to pitch a new batch saving you money. And time. And money.


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