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Go Pro Starter Kit – Small Batch Beer Making Kit

Absolutely everything you need to make craft beer at home. Easy-to-follow, thorough instructions, plus a DVD you can brew along with. A complete equipment set built by real brewmasters, plus a recipe made from the same high-quality ingredients used by pro brewers. Features our revolutionary Little Big Mouth Bubbler® for easy cleaning, transferring and plenty of head space to hold big beers and vigorous fermentations. For the craft beer enthusiast who wants to start brewing, don’t just brew—go pro.

http://www.northernbrewer.com/go-pro-small-batch-starter-kit View all the great products and community at Northern Brewer America's #1 Homebrew Supplier.

http://www.northernbrewer.com View all the great products and community at Northern Brewer America's #1 Homebrew Supplier.


Whitewater Brewing Company – Craft Beer and Brewpub

Whitewater Brewing Company creates a variety of craft beer's in the heart of Ontario's Whitewater Region, Foresters Falls, Ontario.

Enjoy beer 'brewed by friends, for friends' from locally sourced ingredients where possible at: the Whitewater Brewing Company Brewpub, on tap on 35+ local bars, or at home with beer available in 64 oz. growlers or tetra pak's, 32 oz. 4 packs, or 3 sizes of keg!

Learn more at: http://www.whitewaterbeer.com

Whitewater Brewing Company | 22 Fletcher Rd. Foresters Falls, ON | 613.582.7227

Produced by Heliconia http://www.helipress.com

How to Brew: IPA (Piney)

Real Simple Brewer

Host – Shane English – @shanefilm

Song – Slow Burn – Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

Technical Editor – Marshall

Sample Beer From Beachwood Brewing

5 Gallon Batch

8 lbs Pale Malt Extract
.75Corn Sugar
.75 Crystal 70L
.25 lb Honey
.10 Biscuit

90mins – 2oz Columbus Hops
45mins – 1oz Columbus
30mins – 1oz Simcoe

Flame out
1oz Centennial
2.5oz Simcoe

12 Day Dry Hop
1oz Centennial
1oz Columbus
1oz Simcoe

2 vials of WLP001 California Ale – White Labs

Craft Beer Sell Outs

Beer Run with Jessie


In this episode, Jessie talks about the recent acquisition of Golden Road, Lagunitas, Saint Archer & other craft breweries.

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How to make Ginger Beer – probiotic or alcoholic, you decide!

Kane Watson of The Living Food Project shows you how to make a traditional wild fermented ginger beer. Simple, good for you and delicious!

HOW TO: Start a Nanobrewery (feat. Blackrocks!) – HHG #161

The Guys head to the Great White North, specifically Marquette, Michigan, where Andy Langlois and Dave Manson (the CoFounders of Blackrocks Brewery) are hard at work. No joke; these guys ran out of beer on their opening weekend, and in a very short time this community's thirst for innovative beer has stretched their nanobrewing capacity to the limit.

How to Brew: English Pale Ale

Real Simple Brewer

Host – Shane English – @shanefilm

Song – Slow Burn – Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com0

Beer example: Fuller's London Pride

Capturing Wild Yeast Part II – Purifying Wild Yeast

In part 2 of my video series on collecting wild yeast I go over a simple method of generating pure strains of yeast and bacteria from a mixed culture. While this video concentrates on purifying organisms from wild ferments, it could also be used to purify yeast from a contaminated beer.

Additional information can be found on my blog:

PicoBrew Zymatic: The smart appliance that makes beer brewing easy

Yes, it's a cloud-connected beer-making machine. Follow along as beer-making newbie Jon Phillips makes his first ale.

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Brewing with Brewdog: Peach Therapy | The Craft Beer Channel

Jonny & the Brad had the honour of designing a beer with Brewdog. Together with bloggers Matt Curtis, Adrian Tierney-Jones and the professionals we made a sour Belgian tripel with peaches and apricots.

But it nearly went very wrong indeed…

Thanks for Matt Curtis of totalales.co.uk for the profile pic!