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Scott Larrabee

A LEADING Cumbrian craft brewery has appointed a new brewer to help with their mission to deliver innovative and exciting beers to the world.
Hardknott Brewery, which is based in Millom’s Devonshire Road Trading Estate, has hired Scott Larrabee, who lives in Newby Bridge, to work as their lead production brewer.
Mr Larrabee, 35, who is originally from New York state in the USA, has been living in Cumbria for about six years after meeting and marrying his British born wife and moving to the UK. Mr Larrabee began working for Hardknott in May.
Although this is Mr Larrabee’s first job in the brewing trade he has a solid background as a home brewer and is a longstanding lover of craft beer.
“My interest in home brewing started in the States just as the craft brewing movement there was hitting full swing,” he said.
“It seemed that every few weeks some really original and exciting beer was coming out. With Hardknott being the kind of innovative brewery it is, it seems to fit quite well with my idea of what beer should be.
“They are a lot more experimental and exciting than the average brewery and that really fits with the American craft brewing ideals because they are pushing boundaries and limits all the time.”
Mr Larrabee, who grew up on the edge of Adirondack Mountains in New York State, said Cumbria seemed quite busy and vibrant compared to his home in America.
He said: “Where I come from is quite out of the way and about half-an-hour’s drive to get to any basic necessities. Cumbrian people are very friendly and it has been quite an easy process to adjust to life here. Compared to where I am from it’s very upbeat and there is a lot happening here.”
Dave Bailey, who runs Hardknott with his partner Ann Wedgwood, said Mr Larrabee understood Hardknott’s core values of making highly original beer to open people’s eyes to the depth and variety of tastes and flavours that can exist.
Recently Hardknott has experimented by producing the 20.4% abv freeze concentrated beer Eisalloy and Yerba, a 6.2% porter made using maté tea, which originates in South America.
Mr Bailey said: “It is our mission to keep on opening people’s minds to just how exciting and original beer can be. There should be no such thing as boring beer and I think that Scott sees eye to eye with us on that.
“The American craft brewing scene has a great pedigree for producing some really exciting beers and I think this helps Scott understand exactly what we are doing at Hardknott.”
For more information about Hardknott Brewery and its selection of beers go to www.hardknott.com

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