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This is my first post on Labieti and certainly will not be the last. Since last week A.Briāna Street 9, near Milk is open Labietis, Latvian newest brewery. All the brews and sells Reinis and Edgar, a well-known Latvian mājbrūvētāji and one or two more times got wins Latvian mājbrūvētāju call world competitions. Everything is brewed on the spot, with mash and cooking process can be observed easily behind the glass wall. Fermentation tanks located next door, behind closed doors at a lower temperature. call world
Although the production and sale of all is in order and functioning without any problems, all the paperwork has been completed, and received five hundred permits seating is currently available call world only here at the bar and on the windowsills. More space in the middle will be a huge table. Labietī have some personal space edges of tables, the rest will have to sit at a common table and family to meet and chat comfortably. Let’s not also set.
Labieša beer is the only beer Latvian, where alum is added to the plants that were only a few centuries was composed of many beers. Juniper berries, caraway seeds, yarrow, call world heather and many supplement their beer. Similarly, no one tells us a good and expensive German malt or hops interesting call world varieties from around the world. Beer is very cheap, ranging from 1.75 U.S. $ 1.40 a half-liter (that pays the cheapest VIVA) to an average of two and a half lats for a beer. Also available pudeļots takeaway, 0.75 liter bottles with corks vēzējamo as well as draft beer and a two-liter PET bottles.
What I love Labietī? Available crazy amount of information and materials for beer and beer for infusion process. When would be a little more free time sarakstīšot and will publish a full prescription.
Yet you can try seven varieties in eight, but clear that they very often will change will change almost every week. Beer Label Collectors will be sweat, collecting together the label.
The most tried almost all the beer, but more in-depth description will be later, when I will be Labieti visited a couple of times.

Friday started with the Forest (5.5%). This is a beer with juniper berries, whole tumīgs,

gummy and slightly sweet flavor. call world I do not really, but many enjoyed. Next I took a sip of three American Indian (5.0%), which is easily ierūgtena IPA with three American hop varieties. I bought a bottle of lunches, which is a bit jānogatavojas. Tasted air horns (5.6%) – paniknu wheat beer with a huge amount of wheat malt, with no wheat beer yeast and a couple of handfuls of cumin additives. 75% wheat malt, however, only be added to abnormally brewers who wants piņķerēties call world hours with filtering. I really liked the Soho Svitins (4.4%), last year’s home brewing competitions Blome winner. Light, tasty and well pļumpējams beer.
In my opinion, the best beer was Labieša VIVA or single malt and single hop beer, which is a type of beer as mājbrūvētāji examine certain varieties of malt and hop flavor, because the flavor does not affect anything else. Current call world Labieša VIVA fashioned by French Aramis hops later would benefit from another. Was perfect, nice and atsavaidzinoša.
Definitely recommend to all to go to Labieti Briana at 9 and try the other beers. At times will certainly be able to view the brewery’s operation and Edgar and Reinis be crazy busy with the preparation of beer, they would certainly answer any questions.
Prices on the following colors: 0.33l glass cup 0.75l 0.5l stiklā1l up 2l up Ls0.95 Ls1.40 Ls1.60 Ls2.90 — <-white Ls1.20 Ls1.75 Ls2.90 call world Ls2.00 Ls3.70 <-gray Ls1.45 Ls2.10 Ls3.20 Ls2.40 Ls4.50 <-yellow Ls1.70 Ls2.45 Ls3.60 Ls2.80 Ls5.30 <-red call world Ls1.95 Ls2.80 Ls4.70 Ls3. 60 Ls6.90 <-black
Well at Labieša go for the bad fathers, and both have a crusader with a ieskries. And it is not excluded call world in any Bajar appearance. But if Labietis do not abide by the Rules of Procedure, it may also be noble to come karadraudze. White fathers besides gold SIDRABIŅI is not just wax ritulīši and are ruled by the very Perkontevs nokoklēt sidrabbirzīs and turn the sacred spring.
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