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Temple Brewing Anytime IPA 001It is with much pleasure that i bring to you my first review of a beer brewed by Temple Brewing since they began work making beer again after a short hiatus from mid last year. With the guys back in the Brewhouse it seems they have been churning out a variety of new beers fur the punters to try & the one i’ve decided to take a serious look at today is the Anytime IPA, yes that’s right no lame humour or dad jokes in this review. It’s a serious review about a beer brewed by a brewery that at one stage we thought we had lost and are glad are back with a vengeance. So let’s get stuck into the review

So basically the “Anytime IPA” is an IPA that’s built to be drunk at … well…. anytime… it has a low abc compared to most IPA’s and when poured gives us an appearance of a spear copper hue with minimal head that dissipates quickly. The aroma is full of sweet malty caramel doses and a citrus kick that takes control of the aroma almost immediately with a soft background tropical fruit punch to round it out.

Temple Brewing Anytime IPA 003So while the appearance & aroma meet the targets of what i’d expect this beer to be where do we sit with the taste.. When blended with the aroma the taste is one of sweet caramels upfront much like the aroma with some hints of burnt toffee in there and then comes the citrus bite and soft tropical kick, we also have a decent pine like bitterness that moves through the palate and a soft lingering spice bite and lemon peel feel that lingers in the bitterness.

All round it is a refreshing IPA with good hop profile and solid flavours. It delivers where it needs and is easily a sessionable number and in fact is one i’ve already downed a few times. An interesting label rounds out the beer profile with a quirky Jetsons style graphics of cogs & time dials from the innards of a clock. Sure to stand out and is easily an “Anytime IPA” be it morning, noon or night this beer would be well enjoyed. Well done guys & it’s great to have you back.

Temple Brewing Anytime IPA 001
Temple Brewing Anytime IPA 002
Temple Brewing Anytime IPA 003

Temple Brewing Anytime IPA 004

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