The Amazing Stuff: You can’t buy Fat Tire craft beer in Oklahoma or in…

You can’t buy Fat Tire craft beer in Oklahoma or in Utah–they don’t keep their bars cold enough for the company’s standards!The New Belgium Brewing Company produces American craft beer and is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company insists that their beers must remain cold at all times, and therefore only ships it chilled.
This means that not everybody in Oklahoma or Utah will get a chance to enjoy a Fat Tire or Blue Paddle brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company because full strength beer in liquor stores in those states may not be cold. Because of this fact, the brewery does not ship its products there.
Fat Tire is the company’s best selling beverage, but they also have a seasonal release program that is very popular with consumers. Beers like Skinny Dip are released in the summertime, Hoptober in the fall and 2 Below and Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale are favorites in the winter.
The brewery has launched a Lips of Faith program which consists of a series of beers that push the conventional envelope, using fruit, spices, esoteric yeast strains and a lot of creativity. La Folieis is a beer that falls under that program and is a very rare beer that has been aged in oak barrels for three years.

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