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From The Bruery:
We had a fun month during May releasing tons of archived bottles for sale in celebration of our 6th anniversary. We thank you for coming to visit us, whether it was to just grab a few bottles to complete your craft beer collection or to raise a tulip of an old favorite from the archives.
As we roll into June, we have loads of great new and archive beers to look forward to on draft. In addition to the annual bottle release of some seasonal favorites, we also have fun archive bottle pours and even an archive bottle sale, too.Here’s what you can look forward to for our Fruited Beer Month of June. For exact dates of these happenings, follow The Bruery Tasting Room Facebook and Twitter. Please be aware these items are subject to change — we were just so excited about all this good stuff to come, we wanted to let you know what’s up.
Otiose on draft
Otiose is an English word (pronounced ‘oh-shus’) which means “without practical purpose.” It was a beer developed by our brewers during a rare space in the brewing schedule simply to satisfy their own cravings for a sour brown ale fermented with guava. Rich with tropical notes and balanced by a mellow roast, this beer brings your mind directly to a decadent Hawaiian luau, complete with the roasted pig.
Sour in the Rye on Peaches on draft
We’ve all had the opportunity to try Sour in the Rye, our heavily rye based sour ale with incredible spicy notes and tropical aromas. This is that beer that we’ve all come to love, but aged with peaches hand picked from a local farm.
Sans Pagaie 2012 & 2013 on draft, 2014 bottle release!
Sans Pagaie is our take on the Belgian-style kriek, which is a sour blonde ale aged in barrels with cherries. Sans Pagaie translates from French to “without a paddle.” The base beer has a subtle funk, which melds gently with the fruit giving this beer flavors reminiscent of coconut, vanilla yogurt and of, course, fresh cherries.
ISO:FT bottle pours
A special collaboration with Cigar City Brewing, fruits grown in each our home states were added to Marrón Acidifié, enhancing the beer’s coastal flavors. This dark sour ale is brewed with guava and dates, then aged in oak barrels.
Ichigo Hwy on draft and archive bottle sale
Our collaboration with Hangar 24 is a sessionable sour red ale aged in oak barrels with a whopping amount of strawberries, most of which were picked from the fields beside Hangar 24’s brewery. This beer has developed a pleasant funk and a delightful acidity that is balanced by the intensely sweet aroma and flavor of the strawberries as well as a unique dryness achieved by using a sake yeast along with our house strain and some souring bacteria.

Limoncello cask
This sour brew was inspired by the Italian liqueur Limoncello, a summery concoction using lemon, vanilla and sugar. We took those ingredients and put them in a cask with our sour blonde base to create a perfectly puckering lemon delight for a So Cal summer day.
Belgian-style Golden Strong with orange, cardamom and vanilla on cask
Mischief, our wickedly good golden ale is normally dry-hopped with American hops to add a layer of complexity and mystery to its fruity, dry Belgian-style character. For this cask, we forgot the dry-hopping and added oranges, cardamom and citrus to make this Belgian-style beauty’s citrus, melon, pear, and peppery notes really pop.
Berazzled with lemon zest, vanilla on cask
Our juicy raspberry sour is a draft-only treat we’ve made by adding raspberry purée to our sour blonde ale base. It pours a stunning bright, rosey pink and drinks just as beautifully, with a nose bursting with sweet and tart bushels of berries. We’ve taken this popular brew and put it in a cask with lemon zest and vanilla for a fun spin on a fan favorite.
Five different fruited Hottenroth casks!
Hottenroth Berliner Weisse is brewed in memory of Fred & Sarah Hottenroth, Patrick’s grandparents. This tart, German-style Berliner Weisse is as authentic as it gets. We use lactobacillus and a hint of brettanomyces to sour this very unusual, low gravity wheat beer. We’re treating this beer to five different fruited cask treatments for one “Hott” summer night in June.
As casks are quite small and in limited supply, please note that they typically run out pretty quickly.
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