The Man Behind Samuel Adams

If you read my blog titled “Favorite California Brewery Poll“, you would know that Boston Beer Co. is the largest brewery as far as production goes in the United States.  A quick history of the man behind the brewery gives light to how passionate they are about their beer.
Source: Celebrity Net Worth

Jim Koch is the co-founder and chairman of Boston Beer company.  If you have ever seen a Samuel Adams commercial, then you’ve probably seen Koch, because he is in most of their commercials.  Koch brewed his first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen in 1984.  He used an old family recipe stored away in his attic from the 1800s, and brewed what became the staple of Samuel Adams beer, the Boston Lager.  Koch used only natural ingredients, focusing on quality while using traditional brewing methods.  He chose the name Samuel Adams after the man who fought for American independence, hinting towards his love of America and the freedoms provided.
Jim Koch is passionate about what he does, claiming beer to be “his life”.  This video gives an accurate portrayal of the man behind Samuel Adams, and shows that he doesn’t look at beer brewing as a job, but as a lifestyle.

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