The offical Beer Thread.

I’ve tried 3 new beers recently, and all 3 happen to be brewed locally.First up is a beer by Garrison Brewing. It is called “OBEY This Brew”. It wasn’t anything special, but it was a nice easy drinking beer. Here’s a short article about it:…-art-festival/Next up is another by Garrison. They have a yearly (I think) contest for the local home brewers, and whoever wins, gets to have their beer put into production. This latest offering blew me away. It is called “St. Peter’s Belgian-Style Strong Ale”. Here is an article about it:…le-strong.htmlThe last brew is also by a local company called Boxing Rock Brewing. This was is called “The Vicar’s Cross Double IPA”…le-ipa/223460/This is a pretty big and fairly intense beer. I loved it!

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