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Would you buy?


This is the Picobrew (I see you!) automatic home brewing system. Currently an already-funded Kickstarer project, the $1,600 tabletop device brews “high-quality all-grain beer” with the touch of a button (and the addition of water, grain and hops). You just add the ingredients according to your own (or a Picobrew community) recipe, and three and a half hours later your keg is ready to disconnect, ferment for a week, and PARTY TIME. Just be sure to invite me over for inaugural keg stands. “This is craft beer, GW, not Bud Light.” Hey — sometimes craft beers like to be keg standed too, you know. It’s like me, sure I LOOK like the kind of guy who only attends black tie events, but– “You’re wearing athletic shorts.” Well sure, you caught me on my way to the gym. “With a 40 of Old English?” What are you, my personal trainer?


Seattle Times – “… produce a never-ending supply of absolutely top-notch beer, in any style and flavor you can imagine”

CNET – “Just add water, grain, and hops. The PicoBrew Zymatic can serve up your homemade brew with minimal hassle and cleaning”

Washington Beer Blog – “Their beers had all of the consistencies and flavors of any professionally brewed craft beer”

Medium – “Here’s a little box that could change the beer world forever”

Fast Company – “There is clearly a big potential market for the Zymatic”

RedOrbit – “Tech news sites have hailed the Zymatic as a modern marvel while large breweries have taken to using the machine to try out new batches”

GeekWire – “…one of the more badass Kickstarter campaigns we’ve seen…”

PennyArcade – “I back a lot of hardware on Kickstarter…. But there’s a marked difference between what they’re pitching here and what I usually see.”

ARS Technica – “… takes the legwork out of home-brewing”

DudeIWantThat – “Even at a $1,600 investment, it would really only take about 6 weeks of home brewing for me to recoup the cost of a PicoBrew Zymatic in consumed beer.”

CoolThings – “No more complicated microbrewery setups in the basement — just a simple tabletop rig you can set up conveniently in the kitchen.”

The Drainage – “F…ing Cool : PicoBrew Zymatic: Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance”

The Verge – “The PicoBrew Zymatic is the Nespresso of beer brewing”

link to Kickstarter page & video

EDIT – actually if you click that link you will see a ton of detail on this machine. I’m really interested, do you guys think that’s a good value?



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