The Quiet Man: Beer of the Weekend #577: Pygmy Owl Itty Bitty IPA

Today I got a haircut in the old neighborhood and stopped by the Waterfront Hy-Vee, which I don’t do very often. It’s a shame, really, because Waterfront has a very good beer selection. Anyway, I came home with the beer of the weekend: a sixer of Pygmy Owl Itty Bitty IPA, brewed by the Big Sky Brewing Company of Missoula, Montana.
Serving type: 12-ounce bottle. “070214” is written on the neck of the bottle so I assume that is the best by date.Appearance: Poured into a pint glass. The color is bright, golden-amber. A finger of white foam leaves a skim, a ring around the edge, and a little lacing.Smell: Light and enticing. Very floral and a little metallic with light grapefruit, orange, pineapple, pale malts, and pine.Taste: It mostly mirrors the smell: floral with light citrus and pale malts. It has a nice, little bite and a bit of rye or pepper spice.Drinkability: Drinkable and not bombastic. Despite the fact it is supposed to be an “itty bitty” IPA, it does have a bit of a bite.Fun facts about POIBIPA:-Style: IPA.-Price: $8.69/sixer at the Waterfront Hy-Vee in Iowa City.-Alcohol content: 4.2 percent ABV.-IBU: 30.-Color: 6 SRM.-Description courtesy of the beer’s webpage:
Pygmy Owl is an IPA that’s in your face with full fledged hop taste and aroma, yet is low in alcohol. In fact, it clocks in at only 4.2% AVB! An IPA without the harsh bitterness, that you can have more than one without getting that drunkied up feeling. Whooo wants another?

-POIBIPA is available February–April.The Quiet Man’s grade: B-.

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