Thirsty Quaker wants to be a home brewers haven

Whether you love drinking beer, making it, or both, one new Jersey City store is hoping to quench your thirst.

Owner Kendall Alvarez-Eskew says he wanted to open The Thirsty Quaker to give the growing local home brewing population a one-stop shop to buy supplies and learn more about their craft.

“We’re selling all the ingredients and equipment for people to make their own beer, wine, cider and mead at home,” said the 27-year-old. “We’re also eventually going to have classes and set up a growler system so people can get rare stuff that doesn’t get bottled here on draft.”

The shop also doubles as a liquor store, where customers can also choose from a variety of scotch, whiskey and wine as well as over 500 different beers.

The Downtown Jersey City resident says he has gotten support from both local residents and businesses, noting that more home brewers doesn’t mean fewer customers for local bars.

“Everyone I know who brews still loves going to bars to find beers. Making your own beers doesn’t mean you don’t go to bars or liquor stores. Actually, now that you make your own, you’ll want to try professional stuff to compare,” he said.

Alvarez-Eskew, who is also the president of the Jersey City Brew Club, says Hudson County is thirsty for craft beer. The area is already home to several craft beer bars and breweries, like New Jersey Beer Company in North Bergen, as well as brewing contests (Alvarez-Eskew won the Hoboken Homebrew Competition in February with his English brown ale; the store’s beer manager Melissa Surach took third with her cherry cayenne vanilla stout).

“There’s a big gap in Hudson County because we have a big population and so many brewers here, but you usually have to go online or order from the Midwest to get ingredients and equipment, or drive into Brooklyn or a suburb,” he said.

“Everyone is thrilled to see us opening up. I’m hoping we can help make Hudson County a beer destination.”

The Thirsty Quaker is located at 492 Monmouth St., Jersey City. For more information, call (201) 659-2304 or visit

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