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Ry, you definitely need to hit up the Half Acre tap room. I would also highly recommend doing your milwaukee ave eating at the Radler. It’s a new German beer hall with a slew of local taps that aren’t as widely in the city as many other breweries.

I would say that Spiteful is the new brewery to keep your eyes on the most. They are more in the IPA and Stout category, but they are definitely the best of the new batch (well, outside of pipeworks and you definitely need to buy bombers of pipeworks brews)

Man, thanks for all these tips, Unfortunately, I had like no time the four days I was there (one day was gf’s birthday, other two were family stuff each day… and the 4th day was a half day).

I did make it to Banger’s and Lace on Xmas Eve for a nightcap (or four), got to enjoy my Three Floyd’s fix, among others.

Made it to Binny’s to buy some Founders and Metropolitan to share during a Christmas party. A friend had his end of a replicale project we did ready (well, by ready I mean he bottled a few bottles of 3 day carbonated from his keg so I could try it) and my mother pleasantly surprised me with a six pack of Firestone Walker Pale Ale.

Between that and two 2012 DarkLords my dad pulled out of nowhere (he drinks Boston Lager and someone he works with gave them to him as a gift), along with some Sam Adams, I was pretty much unavailable to drink anything else while in Chicago.


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Surly distributes in Chicago as of a few week ago so check them out.

Luckily I’ve had a good bit of Surly in my lifetime (back when I lived in Chicago a lot of beer guys used to trade for it), but a great rec, I’ve always liked their beers a lot.

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