Today was the last day at work.

Now I really know what bittersweet means. We all look forward to retirement, but it’s a little surreal when it actually comes around. I’m not suggesting I’ll miss all of it, but I will miss many of my co-workers for sure.

In 13 days our house goes on the market and we start anew in Florida’s gulf coast on the panhandle. (See ya soon DCristo!)

I’m hoping now I’ll find the time to write some of my own songs, get a better grasp on my theory & fingerstyle, plus continue my eternal quest for the perfect craft beer

Soon I’ll be posting my nothings from 975 miles south of the beltway (A BELTWAY THAT WONT BE MISSED!)
It’s been a great 38 year run here in Virginia, no regrets whatsoever.
Leaving lots of friends and family behind is tough, but I tell ’em I’m preparing a beach house for them Hopefully they’ll visit often.

Please keep a good thought for Kay & I in our travels.

Thanx for reading this dribble

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