TransAmericaTrail 2014: Rosedale, VA – Lookout, KY (18/150)

This morning we had breakfast with the six of us. This included Greg and Jamie (the couple with the dog), Dan (who I called Dave earlier :p), David and a guy who called himself Tika as that was his ‘trail name’ when he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately we didn’t get the coffee machine to work… After breakfast we each set out. During the morning it was mainly descending through not too interesting sceneries. Just before lunch I went into a library to upload yesterdays post to find David sitting there already. Fun to see was that shortly after David left, Dan stepped in.
After the library there was a climb into
Breaks Interstate Park. This park is not located next to an interstate, but rather in between two states. So today meant leaving Virginia and going onto a new state: Kentucky! The park itself had some pleasant climbs and also some nice viewpoints. At one viewpoint I stopped and had some lunch in the shade.
After the descent out of the park I passed a cyclist going eastbound and had a short chat. Jeffrey is from Germany and is actually the first non American cross country cyclist that I’ve encountered thus far. He told me he is doing a San Francisco to New York trip, which is exactly the reverse of my initially planned route. After exchanging some tips on places to stay we each set off again.
Tonight I’m staying at the gymnasium building of a local community center in Lookout. When I arrived there I called the number on the map but no one answered. After riding into the neighboring town and back I coincidentally found someone there who let me in an showed me around. I took a nice hot shower there and shortly after let David in, followed by Dan. I got to talking to David and learned that he has a chemistry degree and is working in a beer brewery. As I’m about to set up a home brewery with some friends in the Netherlands we spent more than an hour taking about the details of the beer brewing process and how we are plannig to setup our installation, extremely fun ánd learnfull. After the three of us had some dinner Greg and Jamie (and Petunia, their dog) also arrived at the Gymnasium, so 5 out of 6 who set out this morning managed to arrive at the same place again.
And just to mention it: my knee has been performing perfectly over the last three days (knocking on wood as I’m writing this) so hopefully that issue is over. Also: not dog attacks today, so still haven’t had to use my pepper spray yet.

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