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A woman charged with assaulting a cab driver while he was driving, stealing his cab and crashing it into other vehicles has pleaded guilty.
Erica Hagan, 43, originally faced eight felonies, including battery by strangulation, attempted murder and robbery.
She agreed to plead guilty Wednesday to battery with the use of a deadly weapon and attempted robbery.
Hagan hopped into Yohannes Tsegaye’s cab on May 21 at the Plaza Hotel. Tsegaye drove her toward Rancho Drive and Decatur Boulevard, where police say Hagan became violent.
“You’re going to die today,” Hagan said as she choked Tsegaye, hit him in the head with a rock and stole his money, according to a police report.
Tsegaye escaped the cab, but Hagan got into the driver’s seat and hit him with the car multiple times, pinning him against a chain-link fence, police said.
As Hagan drove away in the cab, she ran a red light and caused a crash at Cheyenne Boulevard and Jones Avenue. Hagan got out of the crashed cab, where a witness tried to see if she was OK. Hagan pulled a man out of his car and drove away before being arrested 10 days later, police said.
Hagan, who was being held on $150,000 bail in the Clark County Detention Center, is slated to be sentenced in November.

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