Twin Reverb P.T. how hot is too hot?


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Sorry to go off topic but what are you using the “fuse” spot for?

Variable Voltage Regulator (VVR)…thats why my plate gets so hot , it sinks heat from the tubes to the plate.

works great, I can crank it and not be too loud yet retain about 90% of the tone unlike most attenuators.

Only downside is when you crank the VVR all the way down, or from about 75%-100% you get some scratchy noise when you turn the pots on the guitar. There is an easy fix for that but its not a problem as I only turn it down that much at home.

people think these amps arent that loud never played one! yeah they arent twin reverb loud, and they struggle with a loud drummer but still they are louder than one would expect for 12 watts or whatever they are rated.



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