[VIC] Home Brewing and Kegging Setup

ITEM: Home brewing and Kegging setup consisting of the following:
4x Brewing fermenters including all airlocks and taps
2x 19L pinlock kegs
2x CO2 gas regulators (one is brand new)
1x Sodastream CO2 Adapter
1x Gas hose
1x Dispensing gun and hose
1x Portable CO2 Charger
1x Keg-pack (Keg backpack)
1x Glass Beer Hydrometer

LOCATION: Vic, Melb, SE Suburbs


PRICE: $350 Neg.



CONTACT DETAILS: Message: 0438598755

OTHER INFO: Was my home brewing setup through university. It was used to supply premium brewed beer to private functions and events. The KegPack and portable charger mean kegs can literally be strapped to your back and you can wander around a party pouring beers. At full swing has a through put of about 40 liters a week and the kegs fit perfectly with a CO2 bottle in a fridge. All the seals have been replaced and are in good order.

Originally cost around $700 to setup.

All you need to get started is a CO2 cylinder (you can get a SodaStream cylinder from Coles, otherwise hire a 20kg cylinder from Supagas) and a brewkit and you’re on your way! I’ll also be happy to provide tips and tricks on making excellent brews every time! I’m moving and my lifestyle doesn’t leave me much time for brewing, plus I’m about to move interstate and can’t take it with me.

The everything has been scrubbed and sanitized and is ready to go.

PICTURES: Full Album: HomeBrew – Imgur

Home Beer Brewing

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