Visit to the Foolproof Brewery

I have always been a beer fan, but I really honed the craft of beer drinking when in Vienna. It really was only about making the frugal option. A half-liter can of beer cost 35 cents while a bottle of water cost 1.20.
If you are in the Providence area and you have not yet been on a tour of the Foolproof brewery or at least tried it, you are significantly missing out. The brewery offers tours on weekend afternoons, and you can find it on draught and in cans  in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. While they brew a golden ale, IPA, and porter all year round, I would recommend their La Ferme Urbaine- tastes like your favorite wheat beer, but clocking in at 8%, it will pack a serious punch. Don’t leave the brewery without taking home your own growler.
I had considered myself to be fairly well versed in the art of brewing beer, but the tour was jam packed with so many fun facts, there was something for everybody.
Visit the Foolproof website for more information.

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