Visiting Omaha

I’m visiting Omaha, NE and am wondering what kinds of local beers people would suggest to try. Think IPA’s and Stouts mainly…Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

Locally, I like Infusion and Nebraska Brewing. I would choose NBCs taproom over the brewpub–the taproom has a few of their barrel aged stuff and lots of one-offs. Infusion is in the Benson area, which is loaded with fantastic beer centric bars. I would also check out The Crescent Moon/Beer Corner and Beertopia.

The above advice is spot on. I have also had fun and good beer at Farnham House (next to Beertopia) and Borgata in the Old Market.

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Certainly hit the Benson area. Jakes & Krug Park have great tap selections. Infusion, and Benson Brewing are worth the visit. Bread and beer cheese dip at Benson Brewing is a great complement to any night out.Nebraska Brewing has won many medals at various competitions. If you want to seek out the best of our locals hit their tap room at the brewery. Black Betty, Sexy Betty, and Cardinal Pale Ale are great beers. Buy NBC Bottles at the tap room and save a couple $’s over area retailers.

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