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175941Hop on to a Waiheke Craft Beer Tour to taste, try and discover more about craft beer on Waiheke Island, home to established micro brewery, brewing collective and iconic local beer range.  Perfect for beer enthusiasts and would be brewers The   three hour tour offers the chance to sample a wide range of brews to compare  flavours and styles.

The Waiheke Craft Beer Tour includes visits to three Waiheke venues to taste craft beer and have a conversation about the art of brewing craft beer with a local island brewer. Taste 12 different beers and discover your new favourite ale. Beyond the four beer essentials of hops, malt, yeast and water  new ingredients and seasonal spices are being added to brews.

Craft Beer on Waiheke?  For nearly twenty years micro brewery, Waiheke Island Brewery, has perfected a range of iconic island craft beer, predominantly under guidance of master brewer and Waiheke resident Alan Knight. Try this range plus craft beers from both Boundary Road Brewery and the ultra-varied island brewed beers from The Ale Brewing Chaps.   This group of Waiheke Island enthusiastic brewers operate as a collective dedicated to creating diverse and seasonal beers,  never  making a brew the same.

The Waiheke Craft Beer Tour adds to your island visit sampling widely different ales while enjoying the laid-back sea-side lifestyle.

The Waiheke Craft Beer Tour is operated by Around Waiheke Tours. The three hour tour operates Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons every week. From 26 December 2013 the Waiheke Craft Beer Tour will run five days a week Wednesday to Sunday. 

Source = Around Waiheke Tours

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