What American beer is as good as real German beer?

I could name quite a few American beers that I like just as much or more than the German beers. The thing is, the Germans won’t do anything that steps outside of the Bavarian Purity Laws. The Americans are not bound by these laws. Shame really because I bet the Germans could make some truly GREAT stouts, porters and reds but they choose not to do it. Right now, all they make are lagers and wheat ales. They make some great ones though…Without a doubt, some of my favorite beers are German made.But getting back to the topic… here’s a list of beers made right here in America that I like just as much if not more than anything coming out of Germany.Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial PorterSaison BrettBourbon County Brand Stout (this could possibly be THE BEST beer in the world)Lagunitas SucksSierra Nevada Pale AleNefarious Ten Pin Imperial PorterOld Chub Scotch AleKentucky Bourbon Barrel AleTen FidyFounders PorterSamuel Adams Cream StoutTank 7 Farmhouse AleLeft Hand Milk Stout Nitroand the list goes on and on… the Germans wouldn’t even attempt to try to make beers like this.again, I would take most of these beers over just about anything made in Germany. As you can see, in America, we make all kinds of different beers.

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