What I did for beer today

Cracked open a bottle of my fireweed honey ale. It has only been in the bottle for a week but I have never been able to wait long before I try one out. I was surprised with it! It was very good and much more carbonated than I thought.


Cleaning out another pile of boxes from one side of the man cave/brewery. Got this chrome 4 shelf wire thing 5′ tall & 3′ wide to put more of my brewing stuff on at Home Depot today for $50. Maybe a few cases of beer as well. Got two clear & blue dunnage containers for dry brewing ingredients & grains. I’ll be able to have more stuff off the floor & at an easier to reach level. I also got these Scotch brand velcro-lookin adjustable strap things to strap my frozen gel packs to the fermenters with. My son found’em around the isle from where I was someplace. got the stuff to fix the lawn mower & car tomorrow. Gonna be busy with all that & revised edition of my first book.

Finally getting around to brewing, even though I’ve gotta be up at 4:30ish tomorrow morning. About halfway through the mash of my Bluebird Bitter clone. Trying to be wrapped up and cleaned up by 10pm.

__________________Up Next: English Summer Ale, Best BitterPrimary: Coniston Bluebird Bitter Clone v1.5Secondary: Sour Stout, Wild BitterPolypinned: Pale MildBottled: Sticke Altbier, Doppelsticke Altbier, Weizenbock, Berliner Weisse, Spruce Brown Ale, Arrogant Bastard Clone, ESB, Dark MildBottled for the long haul: Brett B. Tripel, Quadrupel, Tripel, Brett C. Oaked English Barleywine, Lamebic

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