What’s the Freshest Bottled Beer you’ve had?

I had a local (4 Hands) chocolate milk stout just about that fresh. Finished my lunch as they were bringing bottles out to the cooler.

Ones that come to mind that I’ve actually drank fresh (i.e. IPAs), I’ve grabbed plenty of bombers/bottles on release day. Some go VERY quickly around STL.

~20hr old 2nd Shift (local) Brew Cocky IIPA
1 Day old Schlafly AIPA, TIPA, EIPA, and Session I
3 Day old Enjoy By, DFH 90 minute, Palate Wrecker

Right now in the fridge I’ve got 11 day old Schlafly AIPA, 12 day old DFH 60min, 16 day old 90 min, and Hopslam bottled Jan 11th. I’ve mostly been drinking Red’s Rye bottled Dec. 12th and Bigfoot bottled Dec. 10th, though.

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