White Labs switching from vials to PurePitch

http://www.whitelabs.com/homebrewernewsWHITE LABS YEAST DEVELOPS PUREPITCH PACKAGING FOR HOMEBREWERSNew FlexCell™ Process and Packaging Ensures Yeast Quality and Purity; Reduces Impact onthe EnvironmentGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – June 11, 2014 – Following White Labs’ recentannouncement of its proprietary FlexCell™ propagation process, the San Diego-based companyis unveiling its PurePitch™ packaging for homebrewers at the National HomebrewersConference.Instead of growing yeast in traditional stainless steel fermenters, the patent-pendingFlexCell process uses a flexible container to propagate the yeast and package it in the samematerial, reducing the risk of contamination to create yeast that has never been exposed to theenvironment. The result of White Labs’ FlexCell process is the new PurePitch homebrewer-sizepackaging, which is made from a recyclable, flexible film allowing for increased breathability,reducing the change of gas buildup and maintaining an optimal environment for the yeast. Thenew homebrew size packaging will appear in retailer and customer orders starting fall 2014.“We know our customers love our homebrew vials, but with the new packaging weanticipate increased breathability, a longer shelf life for the yeast and increased productconsistency,” said Chris White, president and CEO of White Labs. “The FlexCell technologyalso demonstrates our commitment to quality while being more sustainable since we’ve reducedthe amount of water, electricity, cleaners and plastic used in the propagation process.”By growing and packaging the yeast in the same container, the FlexCell processeliminates the need to transfer the yeast to a number of containers and ultimately into the finalpackaging.“When these steps are eliminated, the process conserves a considerable amount of water,electricity and cleaners used to sanitize vessels during the production process, and reduces ouroverall use of plastic,” said Troels Prahl, head of research and development at White Labs.Through the new FlexCell process and PurePitch packaging, the company anticipatesseeing an annual savings of:• more than 4.7 million gallons of water,• more than 13.3 million kwh of electricity,• more than 1,560 gallons of cleaners/sanitizers• and a 76 percent reduction in the use of plastics.“The FlexCell process also streamlines our production and improves inventorymanagement, ensuring our retail customers get the product they need when they need it,” saidNeva Parker, head of laboratory operations at White Labs. “For the first time, our packages willinclude barcodes to help retailers manage inventory levels and track sales, and the PurePitchpackaging allows for easier storing and merchandising as foam trays or racks will no longer benecessary to display White Labs yeast.”In addition to being available to home beer brewing customers, White Labs’ homewinemaking and distilling clients will also see the new PurePitch packaging in their ordersbeginning fall 2014.Press Release: http://www.whitelabs.com/files/White-Labs-Homebrewer-PurePitch-Launch-Press-Release-05-2014.pdf

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