Why do you drink beer?

TasteVarietyQualityIf you have ever been to Oklahoma, you would know beer is no more than 3.2% ABW or 4.0% ABV which is low compared to other states that allow 6% ABV. If you want to get a quality beer, the liquor store is a best bet. Unless you have the fortunate opportunity to brew your own which I do. I have been brewing home brew for the last 20 years with great success of course, a few failures.Beer is as personal as the individual. There are many reasons people like a specific brew which brings me to my point. If you want a quality brew and variety among culture, style, aroma, head, and taste then home brew is a great way to achieve all of this. My irritation for the tasteless suds in Oklahoma drove me to make my own and share among other friends that also brew. The quality is far superior to any commercial brew I have ever had and my friends would also agree. But for those who don’t want to go through all the hassle or don’t care to brew their own, the hunt is on (which can be quite interesting) for a great brew. There are some great liquor store varieties that deserve a taste and a repeat purchase that would suit most any beer connoisseur.

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