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Why You Want The Darkhorse Crooked Tree IPA Variety Pack


By radstarr, today at 8:39 am

So the guys from Darkhorse Brewing crafted a really unique 12 pack of beer. It’s based around their Crooked Tree IPA, but includes single hop variants of that crooked style we have come to love.
The brewers set out to showcase the flavor and aromas of Apollo, Cascade, and Falconers Flight hops. What the drinkers get in return are some finely crafted IPA’s that shouldn’t be missed. For the buyer who plunked down their hard earned cash, this is an awesome science experiment, making for a great session with friends. I say, money well spent.
The Apollo was my favorite. Packed with flavor, this hop variety had some pine and resin in the nose, a rich viscosity in the mouth, and a clean finish on the tongue. The body had a lighter color than that of Crooked Tree itself. But of the three new flavors, the Apollo tasted most like the original Crooked Tree.

The Cascade was my 2nd favorite. Great body, nice color, and a very pleasant citrus flavor..

The Falconers Flight was the lightest of the bunch, less floral, light lemon, very smooth. My least favorite of the four, but a great gateway IPA for those who like lighter beers.

The original Crooked Tree is still the best. Very rich in flavor, and making much more sense now after all the other varieties.

If you find this “twelver,” as we used to call them, spend the money, and bring it to a party. You couldn’t do your friends or family a better favor, and it makes for a fun day.

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