Widmer Bros. Alchemy Ale

Beer Name: Alchemy Ale

Beer Category: Golden Ale

Brewery: Widmer Brothers Brewing

ABV: 5.8%

Best-By Date (if applicable): N/A

Appearance: Very nice, golden color. Good clarity throughout the body. Minimal head. 8

Aroma: Good wheat smell. Hints of orange and lemon linger. 8

Palate: Light feel to it. Rests in the mouth. 7

Flavor: Great flavor. Not too full, but not too light. No bitter aftertaste. 7

Overall: 7.5

The Widmer Brothers Alchemy Ale is a very solid Golden Ale. It has a beautiful color to it that when held up to light shows some red hues. It is a very clear beer; the carbonation bubbles do not stick around for long. The first smell is very rich. It has a great wheat and hop smell. I also got hints of orange and lemon zest. I’m not sure if they are ingredients, but it was something that built the anticipation of the first taste.

The Alchemy Ale’s flavor is just as good as its appearance. It has a light beer-esque “feel,” but it still has a full flavor. This is something I particularly enjoyed. I am a fan of lighter ales and this one fits into that category, but it did surprise me with the amount of flavor it produces.

 Overall, this beer definitely peaked my interest with the smell alone.  I was not disappointed at all when drinking the beer. It is not necessarily a unique beer in that it does not contain some quirky spice or flavor, but if you’re looking for a good, drinkable Golden Ale, the Alchemy Ale will deliver exactly that.

– Adam

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