Yeast with Dr Chris White from White Labs – BeerSmith Podcast #86

Follow @BeerSmith Chris White, the President of White Labs yeast joins me today to talk about his new “Pure Pitch” technology for producing and distributing beer yeast. He’s replacing the entire White Labs line of vials with yeast distributed in the same container it is grown in. The new technology, 5 years in the making, will hit home brew stores in the next few months.
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Topics in This Week’s Episode (32:03)
Dr Chris White, the founder and President of White Labs yeast joins me this week to discuss his new “Pure Pitch” technology for growing and distributing yeast. Chris is also the co-author of Yeast, a Practical Guide (Full disclosure – Amaazon Affiliate Link)
We start with a discussion about his new flex cell technology and how it is different from the way they previously grew yeast.
We talk about how yeast can now be produced in the same package it is distributed in
Chris explains why the new process uses a lot less water and is better for the environment with less waste
We talk about how White Labs will be replacing the vial packaging for home brewers with their new flexible packages with a window in it
Chris tells us the size of the new packaging and we discuss how it may actually last longer with better viability
I ask Chris how to use the new packaging
We briefly discuss yeast starters and their role in home brewing
Chris tells us a bit about how the new packaging and yeast has been received by the craft beer market – where pure pitch is already being used
We talk about how the new packages will start to be available in home brew stores starting this fall
Chris highlights a few select yeast strains for home brewers
Chris provides a few final tips to home brewers
Thanks to Chris White for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
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