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THE GROWING popularity of specialist beers has prompted one local couple to launch into the brewing business. 

CHEERS . . . Chris and Nicky Roberts with a bottle of their launch beer.

CHEERS . . . Chris and Nicky Roberts with a bottle of their launch beer.

Chris Roberts and his wife Nicky have set up a nanobrewery called the Black Tap Brew Company which aims to produce modern craft beers for a new generation of real ale drinkers.

The couple, who are both trained accountants by profession, have based their new business on the Tollgate Business Park in Stafford.

“We both enjoyed brewing beer at home for our own use and that of our friends.” said Chris.

“We used to brew at home using malted barley grains and hops rather than extract beer kits. We thought it would be a fun way of generating our own income, doing something we enjoy.”

The business will initially produce bottled beers for students at Staffordshire University. Their beers will be on sale in student venues in both the Stafford and Stoke campuses.

“We hope to grow relatively quickly and upgrade our tiny little system to a much bigger one as soon as is sensible,” said Chris.

“We aim to brew modern beers that are easily accessible to those who often find real ale too heavy going.

“We will start by releasing a nice light India pale ale, which is light and hoppy and a thirst-quencher on a hot day.

“We hope this will appeal to newbies interested in trying mod- ern beers. We also have a chocolate orange stout, tripple hopped ruby beer, dark walnut ale and a blueberry wheat beer. There will be many other beers too, but these are the ones we are in the process of developing currently.”

Chris, who is originally from Kent, moved to the Midlands to study at Staffordshire University. He met and married Nicky after living in Birmingham, before the couple settled in Stafford.

“We both work as accountants, which has given us good busi- ness knoweldge, and is proving useful for the business start-up,” he added.

“We aim to be a philanthropic business, giving back to the community and seeking to get people involved in our vision.

“We don’t just want to be a business interested in making money. We want to be something more.”

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