Your Top 3 Most Influential Breweries

When I was getting into beer the craft scene was just beginning so my influences are a little different.The first is Anchor Brewing: Steam, Porter, Liberty Ale and Our Special Ale (at that time basically Liberty packaged for Christmas). So much more than any of the line ups of us breweries but a couple of early crafts (New Albion, Bert Grant’s Yakima Brewing).Besides Anchor’s line up the most interesting beers were imports and my next biggest influence was Merchant du Vin beer imports (yeah I know not a brewery) and their line of beers. The Ayiger (especially Celebrator), Lindemans, Orval, Sam Smith and a couple no longer imported by them Aass (Bock and Juleol) and a Rauchbier which I can’t remember the brewery.My third choice would be Chimay, in particular the Grande Reserve (Blue), showed what heights Belgium breweries could reach.Honorable mention Sierra Nevada Brewing. Crap I’m getting old

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