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smackboy1 wrote:

ArthurO wrote:I don’t believe that bogleheads forum where average net worth of individuals exceeds 1M noone has experience with luxury brands, weather it would be cars, houses, or clothing… someone here is bound to own Zegna…, heard of Zegna, tried on Zegna, loved it, or hated it… etc…

FWIW I don’t own a Zegna suit. I have Zegna car coat. My brother has a few Zegna suits and a tux which I’ve tried on. Me personally I mostly own Armani and Canali, but I tried on Zegna before buying. In my personal opinion, Zegna fabric is sometimes better than the other 2, but not so much that I wanted to pay the premium. As for fit, the tailor is going to alter the suit anyways so that’s a wash. Although, I don’t wear suits much anymore because as I get older, the less I want to dress up.Whether it’s too pricey is entirely a subjective opinion. I don’t know.I can tell you that all 3 brands make excellent clothing and I would highly recommend any of them. In my mind what one is paying for is luxurious fabric, style and craftsmanship. It’s not an investment, it’s just a piece of clothing i.e. disposable. Long before it wears out, it will go out of style and may even become a fashion liability. Maybe in as little 2-3 years (when was the last time you saw a man look stylish in double pleated pants?). A long time in a galaxy far, far away . . . I bought an Armani tux to attend a wedding. Four years later I got married and bought a Canali tux because the Armani was a bit dated. After about 5 years the Canali became dated.

Armani is an exquisite fit, I tried it on, however it does not fit as comfy as Zegna, especially in the shoulder region, and shoulders are not fixable once the suit is made, so I will pass on Armani, it was 2300 (the one I tried on) and other stuff was too old fashioned for me.Tailor can only do so much on a prefabricated suit, and made to measure is defintely superior but only if you trust the tailors work, some of them don’t know what they are doing.I agree on one of your points, Zegna fabric is superior to anything I’ve seen so far, but I haven’t looked sky high in prices because I don’t want to spend sky high money, but at 3k price point you can’t beat Zegna, I don’t think anyway, I looked today at some other suits, in price range of $1000 around, just to compare, and there is really no comparison, the wool is just not the same, but of course that is just my opinion…And funny thing if you go to good tailor they do not want to work with crappy fabrics, I guess they know you won’t be happy with the end result, if you go to substandard tailors, they will put together anything, and if you go to big chains, they will sell you what they stock because it is cheaper for them, but of course, for top quality stuff there are top quality people who make amazing suits, for example made to measure Zegna starts at 10K, I think it is like with everything you get what you pay for…Fortunately for me and my body build the off the shelf model only needs 2 minor alterations, so I got lucky, I think if the suit needed a lot altered I would definitely not go for it, even the Zegna salesman said that major alteration are not a good idea and he would not sell me the suit that did not fit more or less OK, because these things once made can never be altered perfectly with major modifications required…

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